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Nature.  Spirit.  Adventure.


Spirit of the Waterfalls Series includes 5 Customized Guided Experiences designed to let you disconnect to reconnect. All journeys are customized to flow with the pace of your holiday.  Come wander within the magical realms of Nature –  and just Be!


Call to book your custom journey today. 705.448.1346 If you leave a message be sure to includes your telephone number - due to out off-grid location we do encounter technology challenges.


Transcend your every day life and Come Wander within the magical realms of Nature.

Spirit of the Waterfalls

Unwind. Experience the unfolding adventure of a guided, shamanic journey hiking or horseback riding through lush enchanted forest to mesmerizing, private waterfalls. Enjoy a dip in the swirling pools! Along the way, laugh, mediate, sing & drum, while merging the outer & inner landscapes. Disconnect to reconnect in a way you may have never knowingly experienced before – through Spirit! Transcend your every day life. Come wander within the magical realms of Nature – and just Be!


It truly is a magical journey!

Spirit of the Plants

Unbury. Experience the unfolding adventure of a guided, shamanic journey surrounded by the joy of the fairy folk. Laugh, meditate, sing & drum while sharing fairy lore. Connect to you’re your totem plant. Learn how to smudge & making offerings. Optional visit to homestead, farm or garden to engage in interconnected living with plants. Enjoy a flavourful, wholesome meal. Honouring!


Spirit of the Trees

Unplug. Experience the unfolding adventure of a guided, shamanic journey through a forested trail. Breathe. Disconnect to reconnect with the energy of the Standing Ones. Learn about mindful harvesting & transformative tree use from a local logger & firewood producer. Humbling.



Spirit of the Stones

Untainted. Enjoy a shamanic journey along private waterfalls cascading over the Grandfather Rocks. Learn how to ground with stone energy. Experience mindful rock hounding. Optional journey to an extraordinary cave. In its subterranean channels, sing, meditate & drum with the Ancestors & Elders. Enjoy a candlelight dinner. Unforgettable!



Spirit of the Crystals

Unbelievable. At Gaia’s Den, disconnect to reconnect with the energy of the Crystal People. Experience mindful crystal collection at a local mineral collection site. Optional journey to a Rose Quartz quarry - sing, meditate & drum in the presence of the Ancestors & Elders. Inspirational!



Gaia's Den

Unless otherwise indicated each excursion begins at Gaia's Den, our own private property and a sacred place located near the Algonquin Provincial Park South Gate. Gaia's Den features 3 waterfalls including Turtle Falls on Fishtail Lake Creek, it is a beautiful and special place in East Haliburton Highlands... Come Wander with us! Be sure to wear comfortable waterproof hiking boots, layered clothing, a hat & pack rain gear in your knapsack just in case!


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5012 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt (South Gate Algonquin Provincial Park) Call to Book 705.448.1346

5012 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt (near South Gate Algonquin Provincial Park)


Call to Book 705.448.1346

5012 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt

By Appointment (near South Gate Algonquin Park)


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Karen Warner    705.448.1346


Please leave a message including your telephone number.


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